Anouk Post

Anouk Post started doing H.E.M.A at the end of 2012. Like most she started at a club doing longsword, but that all changed when she held a sabre for the first time in 2015. Heavenly music came down from the sky, light radiated from the beautifully curved blade with elegant guard, and longsword was a thing of the past.

Well, perhaps it wasn’t that dramatic, but her interest skyrocketed the moment she first read ‘the Art of Defence on Foot’ by C. Roworth and and an ankle injury that forced her to take it easy with longsword didn’t help either. Soon though she owned more sabres than longswords.

Enthused by the simple yet thorough description originating from Great Britain during the Napleonic era, she realised it was the perfect treatise for people who had never held a sabre before. It wasn’t long before she gave her first sabre introduction workshop, and has spread the sabre virus both nationally and internationally ever since.

Anouk has successfully competed in several competitions and has given workshops at several events such as HEMAC Dijon, By the Sword ILHG, and Swiss Blades. She is one of the founding members of the Dutch Sparring Group, and likes to organise workshops about HEMA weaponry that isn’t that common in the Netherlands.

As an independent instructor she occasionally teaches at several H.E.M.A. clubs in the Netherlands, and when not teaching she spends her time systematically lifting and putting down heavy barbells in her local crossfit gym.