Fran Terminiello

Fran has been practicing Bolognese and rapier fencing since 2010 with The School of the Sword where she is head of their Godalming chapter. A medalist in various different disciplines, Fran is a key organiser of the Wessex League, Albion Cup, and the English Sidesword Open. She is also a founder member of Esfinges, Waterloo Sparring Group and is the founder and director of By the Sword.

Beginner Class: Introduction to Bolognese Sidesword

This class is suitable for anyone new to the Bolognese sidesword and will cover the basic cuts, guards, footwork and principles of the spada di lato of Renaissance Italy.

Kit needed:

Gloves, single handed sword.

Advanced Class: Common rapier problems and their solutions

This class is suitable for anyone who knows their way around a rapier, but is stumbling over various different hurdles. Come to the clinic and we will fix you up!

Kit needed:

Mask, gloves, chest protector, jacket, rapier, dagger (optional)