Huang Chun-Yi

Huang Chun-Yi is an instructor and founder of Lionheart Historical European Swordsmanship, Taiwan. She has been involved in historical fencing since 2009, practicing a range of weapons including longsword, sidesword, and sabre. She trained under the guidance of ArsDimicatoria Praha where there is barbasetti sabre lineage. She is also certificated as a sabre and smallsword (foil) instructor by ArsDimicatoria Praha in Czech Republic.

Workshop: “Introduction to the Italian sabre of Luigi Barbasetti”

Kit requirements:

Sabre, single hand sword or stick, gloves, and mask

Workshop description:

1. How to do a salute and hold a sabre.

2. The concept of distance, guard, parry.

3. How to execute a proper parry and attack.

4. How to practice at home.

Italian sabre or Barbasetti sabre was popular in the 19th century and this style of sabre fencing was used by the military training in the Austro- Hungarian Empire. The style also spread into multiple countries around Europe.

In this workshop, the instructor will use the easiest way to have students understand the basics of Barbasetti sabre, and compare between other styles of sabre fencing. They will know the practical technique and concept of Barbasetti sabre and be able to set some drills to practice at home.

Workshop: “The provocation and feint, the usage of tempo and timing in sabre.”

Kit requirements:

Sabre, mask, padded light gloves, forearm protector, if you have jacket and chest protection it will be better.

Workshop description:

1. The movement of disengagement, beat, press and sforzo.

2. How to do a provocation and use it as a strategy.

3. How to combine a provocation with a feint.

4. Doing the feint in the right timing and tempo.

5. How to observe the opening and predict the upcoming attack.

6. Control others with their response.

Look into the movement of disengagement, beat, press and sforzo to do provocation and try to use them in sparring.