Sam Swords

Samantha has a wide range of movement experience. As well as growing up in a wild, mountainous national park with opportunities to ride and ski from an early age, he has done a range of adventure sports, martial arts and also trained in medieval sports like jousting and HMB. He has formal movement instruction from the National Institute of Dramatic Art (Australia) and also stage combat training from Toi Whakaari, New Zealand Drama school.

Samantha competes in monthly strategic Medieval warfare campaign games with combat teams of 300 who fight in a range of outdoor environments, giving him an understanding of weapons in diverse contexts. He also has several significant sports injuries that have altered the way he approaches using his body in martial arts.

As a Special Effects Technician making physical gags for the film industry Samantha works with a vast variety of industrial tools and materials, and has a solid grasp of physics. He passionately studies historical European weapons and armour use, and cares about efficiency in the application of Medieval swordsmanship. His studies mainly focus around early Italian and German martial arts such as Armizare and I:33.