Jo Wimborne – Secret Techniques

Next instructor announcement for BTSMMXX is Meyerist and stealth admin Jo Wimborne!

Jo got into HEMA three years ago by accident and quickly fell in love. She studies mostly within Meyer’s system, focussing on Longsword.

Her superpowers are guessing where on the platform the train door is going to stop, and doing paperwork without anyone realising.

Class: More Pow in your Hauw

Know your treatise like the back of your hand but feel on the back foot on the piste? Want to take the best advantage of your sparring partner’s lacklustre parries? Never held a sword before and want to feel powerful? Just want to improve your striking mechanics? This workshop goes back to basics for fencers in all these positions and more.

We’ll look at footwork, muscle engagement and cutting mechanics to learn how to make the most of every cut and put more ‘pow’ in your ‘hauw’.

The class will be taught from a German Longsword perspective, but will teach hopefully transferable skills. Suitable for all experience levels.

Longsword required. At least one mask per drilling pair required and gloves highly recommended.

Art: Katja Hammond