Katja Poppenhaeger – Martial Arts & Crafts

Special interest: early German longsword and messer (historical

Sources: Ringeck and Lecküchner)

How she got into HEMA: Katja went to the Arisia fantasy convention in Boston a few years ago. She had wanted to do the jewellery making class, but it was booked out. So she did the other thing that was on at that time, and that was the longsword intro class with Athena School of Arms! She never looked back.

Superpower: Overwhelming enthusiasm to do all the things!

Class: Limited randomness as a training tool

Description: In freeplay and sparring we need to react to unanticipated situations. We can train for that without getting overwhelmed through drills that have a limited amount of randomness built in. In this course you will learn a continuous flow drill with an increasing number of different techniques that you can use in it. This forces you and your training partner to react to attacks without knowing which technique comes next, and you can train your reflexes and your muscle memory for useful techniques.

Kit needed: Sword (longsword, messer, or other single-handed sword; steel or synthetic both ok), mask, gloves.

Level: advanced.