Kimberleigh Roseblade – Flower of battle

Kimberleigh Roseblade is a Fiorist with a flair for personal fitness and powerlifting. Kimberleigh has been going back to the basics of Fiore’s system- particularly focusing on Abrazare and Dagger and how these foundations are essential to understanding Fiore’s sword in two hands, and other weapons. Kimberleigh truly believes that to be a good fencer, one must look at the art as a holistic system.

Kimberleigh may be a Flower of Battle, but their greatest superpower is being an amazing emotional support human- whose powers only amplify when lifting up others and watching them shine. Kimberleigh gives great hugs, listens well, offers solid advice, and genuinely wants to see you happy and succeed. Basically, the equivalent of a golden retriever in human HEMA form.

Art: Katja Hammond