Robyn Saul – Close Play Cuddles

Robyn primarily studies Italian Longsword with the London Historical Fencing Club. She fell into it accidentally about two years ago while trying to get her HEMA-loving, but lazy, partner off the couch. What was supposed to be a couple of weeks while roller derby was on break, and turned into something much more. Two years later and she now does longsword, rapier and even a little olympic weightlifting, but no roller derby!

Robyn’s previous MA experience was jujitsu, so she’s drawn to the grappling and close-play parts of HEMA. She loves surprising new (sometimes much larger) opponents when she grabs their sword and bops them on the head!

By day Robyn is a graphic designer and artworker for a small company in London. She’s originally from South Africa. She loves cats and dinosaurs, but sadly fails to have either as pets. She can’t figure out if her super power is squeezy hugs, never hitting the snooze button or getting through every day with ZERO caffeine (it’s called sugar… lots and lots of it!). She also comes with a million “eep” sound effects… which makes life with swords interesting.

Art: Katja Hammond