Online Sword Classes

Want to learn swords with me?

I am a HEMA instructor with more than a decade of experience teaching sidesword, rapier, and companion weapons.

I am currently offering one to one tuition via Zoom, tailored to your experience and requirements, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced fencer looking to try something new.

If you would like to know more contact me at or PM swordwomen on Instagram


“Fran is a skilful teacher who provides rigorous instruction in a relaxed environment. Just the thing to deal with the lockdown blues!”

William, UK

“Fran’s class was perfect! She is welcoming & friendly. She broke down the basics of rapier, stances & guards. She’s funny & has wonderful analogies. My body feels great! I can’t wait to keep practicing my form and movements from class. I’ll definitely have another class with her soon!”

Alena, USA

“I did a class with Fran for Italian rapier. As someone who previously did KdF longsword and English Backsword she did a very good job explaining how the concepts from rapier were unique but still helping me bridge the gap.

I found the experience very accommodating for my pace yet I still got through enough material to the point where I felt like I learnt many important concepts.

Take a class with her and you won’t regret it! I know I didn’t, I’m still practicing my rapier stance when I’m just standing around at least twice a day.”

Omar, Indonesia

“This is what Sunday’s are for! Made a batch of dough ready for cinnamon buns and while it was proving, I had a rapier lesson online with Fran Lacuata! Excellent session and fun too. Learnt posture and guards and it was really nice to feel like we were actually doing this not just watching. Highly recommend! Even if you are not a total swordaholic like me, it was really good fun!”

Vicky, UK

“Training with Fran is such a joy! I took an intro sidesword lesson with her and we went over posture, basic guards and cuts. She is very patient, enthusiastic, and supportive in making sure you get the most out of your lesson. Hope to train again with her soon! “

Robyn, USA

“Sunday morning HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) intro to the Side sword with Fran. Amazing lesson, my head is full of Italian terminology. Can’t wait for next week!”

Michelle, USA

“Fran was really clear and concise when providing a historical perspective upon the matter that was being covered -Bolognese sidesword- and she organized the class so that there was a more than reasonable amount of time to put some really basic concepts in use.Overall, booking a session with Fran was an excellent experience. It got me in touch with a field that I’ve always wanted to know more about. She taught me some basics and made me feel really confident with my abilities and potential to keep pursuing this path. I really hope she can keep teaching me, even if it’s on Zoom, for the effort is really worth it. I’m so thankful that she came out with the idea of teaching online, because it’s so great for those who are interested in HEMA disciplines but don’t have access to any fencing groups in their areas.”

Adriana, Spain