Is this event right for me?

“I have no experience in anything like this, and I worry I will slow everyone else down.”

Fear not, friend. There will be TWO entire streams of classes just for beginners. We will also provide spare equipment for those who have none, and there is even a novice tournament with soft weapons suitable for people who have never even held a sword before. And even if you don’t want to compete, there are still opportunities to win in the door raffle and Fechtschule. Prizes!

“I want to push myself, and I want to compete. Isn’t this a bit too “intro to HEMA” for someone like me?”

Prepare to be pushed: we have TWO streams of advanced classes with international instructors, plus a chance to train one to one with each of them; freeplay with experienced fencers from all over the globe, plus…a high quality steel tournament run by the organisers of Astolat, Albion Cup, International Rapier Seminar 2016 and the Wessex League. That’s not to mention the amazing prizes available as well as the glory of fencing top international competitors!